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Canadian Experiences in Institutionalizing Health Impact Assessment (HIA). 2013 Interprovincial-Territorial Meeting: Report
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Citizen Participation in HIA: An Overview of the Principal Arguments Supporting It
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Community-driven Health Impact Assessment course at Coady Institute in Nova Scotia - June 4 -20, 2014.

HIA 2013 International Conference. Geneva, Switzerland. October 2-4, 2013. Conference website.

HIA 2012 International Conference. Québec, QC. Presentations (PDF & video) on the conference website.


The Determinants of Health On the site of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Health Impact Assessment Blog. News and information on HIA, by the International Association for Impact Assessment's Health Section.

Equity-Focused Health Impact Assessment - A Community Pilot 1.58 MB. On the site of Sudbury & District Health Unit.

Centro de Recursos de Evaluación de Impacto en Salud. Site in Spanish with resources in several languages; many in English.

The Effectiveness of Health Impact Assessment  1.1 MB. On the site of the World Health Organization, European Office. Abstract.

UCLA Health Impact Assessment Clearinghouse – Learning and Information Center. (On the site of UCLA - HIA Clearinghouse)

Health Impact assesment : main concepts and suggested approach, Gothenburg consensus paper.   138 K  European Centre for Health Policy, 1999. On the site of the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

Health Equity Impact Assessment. By Povall et al. (2013). On the site of Health Promotion International.

Improving Health in the United States: The Role of Health Impact Assessment. By the National Research Council (USA), 2011. On the site of the National Academies Press.

SOPHIA - The Society of Practitioners of HIA. On the SOPHIA website. 

Mixed Waste Processing HIA - Framework and Results.  On the website of the city of Toronto.

Improving the use of evidence in health impact assessment  On the site of the World Health Organization: Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 88(7) July 2010.

Québec's Public Health Act. On the site of the Government of Québec. 

Louise St-Pierre

Julie Castonguay


HIA Series - HIA and Inequities
A series that will examine the practice of HIA from various perspectives. This edition is the second in the series.
Published in March, 2010.  DescriptionDownload    304 K

This is the second in the series a series of briefing notes intended to introduce key dimensions of HIA to the public health community.

This paper focuses on how HIA invites health practitioners to take not only the impacts on the health of the population into consideration, but also how these impacts could have differential effects on some groups of the population.


  • Introduction to HIA
  • HIA and Inequities
  • HIA and Citizen Participation
  • HIA and the Public Policy Process
  • HIA and Advocacy
  • HIA and Evidence 


    Image - cover page of the publication - click to download 
    HIA and Inequities
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