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NCCHPP Webinar - Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities
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Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities
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Update - Comprehensive policies to combat poverty across Canada, by province

Health Inequalities and Intersectionality
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Annotated Bibliography: Health Inequalities
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Public health speaks: Intersectionality and health equity (On the site of NCCDH)

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Addressing Health Inequalities

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Val Morrison

Our focus continues to be on various policy approaches to reducing inequalities. We continue to study wicked problems as one approach to tackling health inequalities.  


Publication – Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities

The NCCHPP has produced a document which describes various policy approaches to reducing health inequalities and how they are more or less likely to be successful based on the level at which they tackle the social determinants of health inequalities and/or the social determinants of health. The goal with this document is to clarify how different policy approaches are grounded theoretically and how they might produce different effects in efforts to reduce health inequalities. To read more, click here.

Workshop – Policy approches to reducing health inequalities

Val Morrison led a workshop on Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities at the Canadian Public Health Association's annual conference (CPHA). To consult the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Coming soon

Based on the content developed for the workshop offered at CPHA, Val Morrison will lead a similar workshop at The Ontario Public Health Congress (TOPHC) in June 2017. During the course of the next year, we will continue to develop short documents based on this work.

The NCCHPP is participating in a project with the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health on intersectionality. Within this project they will co-host two webinars in December 2016. To read more about NCCHPP's work on this topic, click here.

To read more about our co-hosted project, visit NCCDH's website.

NCCHPP will also host two webinars in the spring of 2017 on Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities. To learn more about these workshops, click here.

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Our focus continues to be on approaches to reducing inequalities and on studying wicked problems as a way to better understand how to proceed.
Dialogue Mapping™, workshops and working with our colleagues at the NCC for Determinants of Health on equity issues.
Wicked problems, Equity Tools.
In the spring of 2010, Val Morrison completed the Issue Mapping Webinar Series given by the CogNexus Institute. 
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