The NCCHPP's Val Morrison will offer a 90-minute workshop at the Ontario Public Health Convention, on March 31, 2017.
January 2017. Description.
This webinar, presented by the NCCHPP's Val Morrison, is intended to enable public health actors to more easily distinguish between the most widespread policy approaches that have been proposed to reduce health inequalities.
December 2016.  Description.
The Centre's Val Morrison led this workshop at the 2016 Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA's) annual conference in Toronto from June 13-16.
June 2016.  DescriptionDownload   1.4 MB
This webinar offered a general overview of the concept of wicked problems, particularly as they relate to healthy public policy.
November 2015. 
On Monday November 24, Val Morrison hosted a half-day long workshop entitled "Public policy and wicked problems: How can we approach them?" at the JASP 2014, in Québec City.
September 2014.  Description.
This workshop took place at the Place and Health: Shaping the Built Environment of NB and PEI conference, in Fredericton, New Brunswick on October 25-26, 2012.
October 2012. DescriptionDownload  870 K
During a training event among the 6 National Collaborating Centres for Public Health, the Centre's Val Morrison and François-Pierre Gauvin presented a workshop on deliberative processes as a promising way to approach wicked problems.
Published in July 2011.  DescriptionDownload    2.32 MB
In this workshop at the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health 2008 Summer Institute, Val Morrison presented presented the conceptual framework employed by the CSDH.
Published in August 2008.  DescriptionDownload   278 K.
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