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Series on Integrated Impact Assessment: 1- Overall situation and clarification of concepts
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Integrated Governance and Healthy Public Policy: Two Canadian Examples
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Terms Relating to Integrated Governance
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Quebec's Public Health Act. On the site of the Government of Québec. 

ActNow BC. On the site of the Government of British Columbia.

Citizen Engagement in Health Casebook. On the site of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

How Public Health Degrees are Adapting to Health Challenges Posed by Climate Change. On the Public Health Degree website.


François Gagnon

Louise St-Pierre


Project Update - Integrated Governance - October 2010
In this project area, the Centre is seeking to make explicit how multisectoral approaches can be developed in order to favour the implementation of healthy public policies.
Image of a flock of birds in unison © Arpad Radoczy    Definitions
We have developed a glossary of different concepts in integrated governance in order to respond to the following questions:

What is a whole-of-government approach?

What is integrated governance? 


We have also documented different Canadian initiatives in this area. In particular, we have examined section 54 of Québec's Public Health Act and British Columbia's ActNowBC initiative as two strategies that can serve as points of reference. These can in turn help to frame discussions and reflection about different integrated governance approaches.

Recent developments
At a meeting of the World Health Organization's working committee on intersectoral mechanisms, held in Chile on January 27-29, 2010, the Centre's François Gagnon was invited to present the work of the NCCHPP on this subject.

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