The NCCHPP published six documents on the state of the practice of integrated impact assessment.

Integrated impact assessment (IIA) is a prospective analytical tool intended to support governmental decision-making processes. It is increasingly being considered to reduce the administrative burden associated with the multiplication of specific impact analyses (environmental, gender, commercial, economic, etc.) that have been integrated into governmental practices over the years. The movement in favour of institutionalizing health impact assessment (HIA) proposes adding health to this growing list of impact analyses.

This series is intended, firstly, for government actors from all sectors seeking to learn about the practice of IIA, and also for public health actors who wish to learn more about integrating health concerns into the IIA process, as a means of supporting decision making.

In this series, the NCCHPP published the following six documents:

1. Overall situation and clarification of concepts (click to download the document)

2. Example of the practice of IIA at the European Commission (click to download the document)

3. Example of the practice of IIA in France (click to download the document)

4. Example of the practice of IIA in the United Kingdom (click to download the document)

5. Example of the practice of IIA in Northern Ireland (click to download the document)

6. Main challenges and issues tied to IIA (click to download the document)

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