Selected Tools to Facilitate the Integration of Health in All Policies
The intent of this briefing note is to introduce some tools developed in recent years to facilitate the integration of health issues into the decision-making processes of sectors whose primary concern is not population health.
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This note is anchored in the health in all policies (HiAP) approach advocated by the World Health Organization (WHO) which is recognized as a strategy for preventing complex health problems through action at the policy level.

Accordingly, this briefing note presents and compares five tools that promote the systematic consideration of health issues in sectoral policies. The selected tools are part of the broad family of decision support tools, but are characterized by their focus on population health and by their applicability to sectors other than that of health.

These tools are:

- Rapid health impact assessment (HIA)
- Health Matrix
- Healthy Development Measurement Tool
- Health Background Study
- Health Economic Assessment Tool - HEAT.

The health lens analysis approach used in South Australia will also be discussed as an example of an ideal approach.

Selected Tools to Facilitate the Integration of Health in All Policies
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