Traffic Calming: Political Dimensions
This document situates and describes the key policy differences between two general approaches to traffic-calming: the black-spots approach, and the area-wide approach.
Published in November 2011.  DescriptionDownload    897 K
The concept of traffic calming encompasses interventions associated with different goals, objectives, principles and ways of thinking about the street network and its problems (injuries, noise, air quality, etc.). The many intervention strategies used by public authorities can be classified into two categories. One can be called the black-spots approach, and the other the area-wide approach.

The purpose of this document is to provide public health authorities in Canada with a few political reference points on these two approaches so that they may better assess, if they deem this type of public action pertinent, ways of promoting traffic-calming strategies adapted to their respective contexts.

Traffic Calming: Political Dimensions                  
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