Health Authorities and the Built Environment: Actions to Influence Public Policies
This document presents various political actions undertaken by health authorities to influence the development of healthy built environments.
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This document, structured around interviews, presents the experiences of six Canadian health authorities (Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver Island Health, Fraser Health, Peel Public Health, Toronto Public Health, and Direction de santé publique de Montréal), regarding political actions to foster healthy built environments..

Health Authorities and the Built Environment: Actions to Influence Public Policies  
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Actions undertaken by the health authorities include:

  • Active involvement in developing Official Community Plans;
  • Inclusion of healthy built environment principles in the planning and construction of a new health facility;
  • Inclusion and integration of a health perspective into a regional growth strategy, a regional sustainable development plan and a long-term regional transportation plan;
  • Development of tools to foster the integration of a health perspective in planning and engineering processes;
  • Establishment of partnerships with the municipal sector;
  • Assessment of community action programs to influence the built environment.

These interviews were conducted as part of a project by the Healthy Canada by Design Coalition. This coalition is financed by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer through the Coalitions Linking Action and Science for Prevention (CLASP) program. The efforts of the Healthy Canada by Design coalition are focused on promoting certain public policies that can lead to the creation of healthier built environments – such as transportation and urban planning policies.

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