Registry of recommendations that foster safe and active transport
This resource, in the form of a table, provides a range of examples of recommendations concerning the promotion of safe active transportation in residential developments.
Published in October 2014. Description.  Consult the Registry

The NCCHPP's goal here is to make available a range of examples of recommendations concerning the promotion of safe active transportation in projects of new, medium and large scale residential development or of redevelopment of such neighbourhoods. The aim is to enable public health actors in particular to draw inspiration from interesting recommendations for promoting safe active transportation that have already been made by other actors.

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The first version of this registry, made available online in October 2014, was produced as part of the second phase of the Healthy Canada by Design initiative, a Coalitions Linking Action and Science for Prevention (CLASP) project. In its first version, the registry contains only one or two examples of recommendations per category to illustrate the kind of recommendations they could contain. This is intended to be an evolving inventory, to which we will regularly add relevant recommendations as our research progresses over the coming years. If you would like to be notified when new recommendations are added to the inventory, please subscribe to our newsletter.

The Healthy Canada by Design Initiative, with which the NCCHPP has been affiliated since 2009, is funded through the Health Canada - Canadian Partnership Against Cancer's Coalitions Linking Action to Science and Prevention (CLASP) program. To learn more about the Healthy Canada by Design (HCBD) CLASP Initiative, see the HCBD CLASP website.

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