Transportation Policies and Health Inequalities
This document presents a summary of the discussions that took place during a workshop on transportation policies and health inequalities.
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In May 2009, a workshop on health inequalities associated with transportation policies was jointly organized by the Population Health team of Edmonton's regional health authority (formerly Capital Health), and François Gagnon from the NCCHPP.

The workshop brought together practitioners from the Edmonton region with interests in the areas of transportation, health, and health inequalities to learn about transportation as a determinant of population health as well as to consider effective policy responses.

The workshop was organized around two objectives with two corresponding series of activities:

1) Develop a collective understanding of health inequalities produced by transportation policies.
2) Collectively develop pathways to solutions aimed at mitigating or reducing the unequal effects of the policies in question.

This document presents a summary of the discussions that took place during this meeting and is not intended as a formal report or proceedings from the workshop. The analytical grids that were used for the small group discussions can be found as appendices in the document.

Transportation Policies and Health Inequalities    
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