Urban Traffic Calming: Summary Tables of Evaluative Studies
These tables constitute a synthesis, with comments, of the evaluations of traffic-calming interventions referred to in our literature review.
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These tables were developed in conjunction with the document Urban Traffic Calming and Health: A Literature Review. They allow readers to access all the dimensions (collisions, air quality, noise, active transportation) evaluated by a particular study included in the literature review at once. Although they are presented individually, those studies are grouped into three broad categories: those evaluating individual traffic-calming measures, those evaluating a series of measures installed on a single road, and those evaluating a series a measures in an area including more than one road.

This document may interest those seeking information from the most recent studies evaluating the effects of urban traffic-calming interventions on four determinants of health, but it may also interest those who wish to structure and interpret the information differently from the way we have done in our literature review. For this reason, we are publishing these tables in a separate document as well as an appendix to the literature review.

Urban Traffic Calming: Summary Tables of Evaluative Studies
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