Urban Traffic Calming and Health: A Literature Review
This literature review examines the effects of traffic calming in urban environments on four determinants of health (collisions, air quality, noise, and active transportation).
Published in November 2011.  DescriptionDownload    3.6 MB
Since traffic calming is a promising way to intervene on the built environment which seems to be gaining interest in Canada, the NCCHPP did a literature review examining its effects on four determinants of health, namely:

• The number and severity of road collisions,
• Air quality,
• Environmental noise, and
• Physical activity associated with active transportation.

The originality of this literature review lies mainly in its having a broader scope than road safety, and in its being structured to allow the comparison of the effects of two approaches to traffic calming: the black-spots approach and the area-wide approach.

Urban Traffic Calming and Health: A Literature Review        
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To facilitate reading, a bilingual glossary describing and illustrating the various traffic-calming measures referred to in the review, as well as summary tables of the evaluative studies included in the review, are published as appendices to the literature review and as separate documents.

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