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The Centre

At the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy, our mandate is to increase the expertise of public health actors across Canada in healthy public policy through the development, sharing and use of knowledge. 

This means that we work with people who are in action to advance healthy public policies, ultimately to improve the health of Canadians. Our specific goals include

  • synthesizing knowledge to make it accessible,
  • developing and participating in networks, and
  • identifying research gaps in order to create resources and links along with practitioners, decision-makers, researchers and others.

What this means in practical terms is that the Centre has assembled a group with diverse backgrounds and expertise in sociology, communications, public health, public policy, ethics, public administration and a range of professional experiences.

This group is dedicated to collaborating with those who want our public policies to favour the health of Canadians.

We are guided by an advisory board composed of experts from Canada and abroad, whose experience in public health, academic, government and policy sectors helps to ensure that our work is relevant, accessible, and timely. 

You can find out more about the National Collaborating Centres, about our team, or about what we do by looking through this section of our site.

We would like to hear from you 
Please send us a note to share your comments on our work, or to let us know about potential projects, ideas, interests, or new resources relating to healthy public policy.

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