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Defining a Population Mental Health Framework for Public Health
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Scan of Mental Health Strategies across Canada

Advancing Population Mental Health
On the site of the Ontario Health Promotion e-Bulletin.

Framework for Healthy Public Policies Favouring Mental Health (HPP-FMH)
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Annotated Bibliography: Population Mental Health
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Canadian Resources

Mental Health Commission of Canada's website is home to a lot of information and many documents, including the mental health strategy for Canada “ Changing directions, changing lives”.

Canadian Best Practices Portal (section on Mental Health)
Public Health Agency of Canada.

Exploring Positive Mental Health.
Canadian Institute for Health Information. (2009). 
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Mentally Healthy Communities: A collection of Papers.
Canadian Institute for Health Information. (2008).
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International Resources

Social determiants of mental health. UCL Institute of Health Equity. World Health Organization and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2014). Geneva: World Health Organization.

The evidence of mental health promotion effectiveness: strategies for action. Promotion and Education. A special issue of IUHPE: Jané-Lopis, E., Barry, M., Hosman, C., Patel, V. (Eds).. (2005). Supplement – Hors série – Edición especial 2, 1-72.
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Addressing the Determinants of Positive Mental Health: Concepts, Evidence and Practice. 11, 3. Barry, M. (2009). International journal of mental health promotion. 
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Foresight Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project Outputs
Final Project report. The Government Office for Science, London.
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Promoting Mental Health: Concepts, Emerging Evidence, Practice. Herrman, H., Saxena, S., & Moodie, R. (Eds.). (2005). A Report of the World Health Organization, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Collaboration with the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation and University of Melbourne. Geneva: WHO.
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Mental health, resilience and inequalities. Friedli, L. (2009). WHO Europe.
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Barry, M. & Jenkins, R. (2007). Implementing Mental Health Promotion. Oxford: Churchill Livingstone, Elsevier. For a preview click here.

Huppert, F. A., Baylis, N., & Keverne, B. (Eds.) (2005). The science of well-being. Oxford university press.
For a preview click here.

Diener, E., Lucas, R., Schimmack, U., & Helliwell, J. (2009). Well-being for public policy. Oxford university press.
For a preview click here.

Pascale Mantoura


Framework for Healthy Public Policies Favouring Mental Health (HPP-FMH)
This document is our first in the area of population mental health. In it, we will outline the notion of healthy public policies favouring mental health.
Published in March 2014. Description.  Download  766 K

This briefing note proposes a framework for healthy public policies favouring Mental Health (HPP-FMH). The paper defines what is meant by the expression "healthy public policies favouring mental health," presents the determinants of mental health to illustrate the areas where public policies might have the most influence, and concludes with a brief overview of evidence to support HPP-FMH. 


Framework for Healthy Public Policies Favouring Mental Health (HPP-FMH)
16 pages
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Image - cover page of the document - click to download 

In this document on healthy public policies favouring mental health, we have set out to conceptualize and inform the links between public policies and population mental health.

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