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Latest Update: Structural Profile of Public Health in Canada
This resource, in the form of a table, shows how the public health functions are organized at the federal, provincial and territorial levels in Canada
Updated in 2015  DescriptionConsult the Table Online.

The NCCHPP has just finished its most recent update of the Structural Profile of Public Health in Canada, a resource that presents the various public health structures responsible for public health in Canada. With this 2012-2013 update, we have added a section on public health responsibilities at the federal level.

In an effort to identify and to clarify the different public health structures across the country, we surveyed federal, provincial and territorial government websites to identify where public health responsibilities reside in each jurisdiction

Using the 5 essential public health functions put forward by the Federal/Provincial/ Territorial Public Health Working Group of the Advisory Committee on Population Health, we have categorized the information on public health responsibilities for each province and territory. We also included a section on Aboriginal Health in this profile.

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Methodology and Data Collection

This short document introduces the methodology underlying the Structural Profile and outlines the five essential public health functions around which it is organized.

Structural Profile of Public Health in Canada:
Methodology and Data Collection
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