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Links to evidence
There are few electronic or printed sources evaluating healthy public policies. We present some evidence-based sites that may be useful.

The review of the interventions and policies of Campbell Collaboration
Language available: English
The Campbell Collaboration (C2) is an organization inspired by the renowned Cochrane collaboration. Contrary to Cochrane, however, the field of intervention of Campbell encompasses public policies. The database RIPE (Reviews of Intervention, and Policy Evaluations) counts systematic reviews relating to four fields of policies: Education , Crime and Justice , Social welfare and Methods (Click on the topic to see the systematic reviews on this subject)
C2 has roots elsewhere in the world. It is affiliated with American Institutes for Research and, in Denmark, with the Danish National Institute of Social Research. The Danish Institute developed a Scandinavian Campbell Center which also has some interesting material.

Guide to Community Preventive Services
Language available: English
This site is published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and showcases evidence-based community programs and policies  Some of the subjects are relevant for healthy public polic (for example: Alcohol, Motor Vehicle, Physical Activity, Worksite, Tobacco, Nutrition, Obesity, Social EnvironmentViolence, Mental Health ). One of the characteristics of the site is to classify the interventions using three criteria: Insufficient Evience, Not recommended, Recommended.

Languages available: English and French
Health-Evidence is a Canadian registry of systematic reviews assessing the effectiveness of health promotion interventions. Through the registry's website, one can search for systematic reviews by subject, and thus obtain an overview of the type of interventions used to address a given health problem. 

Cochrane Canada
Languages available: English.
Cochrane Canada is the Canadian arm of Cochrane – an independent global network of over 38,000 healthcare practitioners, researchers, patient advocates and others. Cochrane works to turn the evidence generated through research into useful information for making everyday decisions about health. Their mission is to promote evidence-informed health decision-making by producing high-quality, relevant, accessible systematic reviews and other synthesized research evidence. Since the aim here is to identify public policies, we suggest referring to the website of the Cochrane Public Health Group.

Canadian Best Practices Portal
Languages available: English and French
The Canadian Best Practices Portal is a "virtual front door to community and population health interventions related to chronic disease prevention and health promotion." It provides summaries of interventions and links to resources. The Portal is on the site of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Prevention Policy Directory
Languages available: French and English
The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer's Prevention Policy Directory is a regularly updated, searchable inventory of Canadian policies as well as legal instruments (legislation, regulations, codes).

It includes information regarding the key modifiable risk factors for cancer and related chronic diseases including nutrition, physical activity, alcohol consumption, tobacco control, infectious agents, environmental and occupational exposures, and UV/Ionizing radiation. The goal of the Prevention Policy Directory is to provide a comprehensive, regularly updated resource to facilitate the development of healthy public policy in Canada.

     On the Cancerview Canada site.

PDQ (“pretty darn quick”) Evidence
Languages available: English and French
PDQ Evidence facilitates rapid access to the best available evidence for decisions about health systems. It includes systematic reviews, overviews of reviews (including evidence-based policy briefs), primary studies included in systematic reviews and structured summaries of that evidence.
(text from ‘What is PDQ-Evidence')

County Health Rankings
Languages available: English
What Works for Health – Policies and Programs that Can Improve Health
This site has collected information on over 200 policies and programs implemented at the local, state, and federal levels in the United States and their influence on health. Searchable by a variety of filters such as different health factors, decision makers and by evidence rating.

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