A Framework for Analyzing Public Policies – Practical Guide
This briefing note presents a structured process based on an analytical framework that reflects a public health perspective, while at the same time integrating other concerns that matter in the context of policy making.
Published in September 2012.  DescriptionDownload  582 K

This guide is meant for public health actors who are called upon to work on healthy public policies and who are looking for tools to help them meet the information needs of policy makers in order to inform decision making. 

It addresses four questions:
• What public policies does this analytical framework apply to?
• In what types of situations is it useful?
• Which policy facets does it focus on?
• How is the analysis carried out?

A Framework for Analyzing Public Policies – Practical Guide           
13 pages
 582 K
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Now being offered for free: Our online training course on this framework for analyzing public policies. To learn more, please click here.

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